We provide professional, yet personal experience where satisfaction is our highest priority. We take time to get to know our clients and their specific needs to exceed their expectations. Projects are always finished in timely fashion.

Pricing largely varies by a project and needs of the client but it is always negotiable. We strive to provide outstanding service and quality products at an affordable prices. We strategically integrate creativity with state-of-the-art technology to produce the right solutions to streamline your enterprise activities. The spectrum of works includes:


We can host your Virtual Tour on our servers, when bandwidth allowance for your website is limited. Through embedding the content on your website, your bandwidth allowance will not be compromised.


Design of websites based on the latest jQuery JavaScript library and HTML5 guarantee that your website will be ready for the near future. Our developer creates for every project a special and outstanding look and functionality.


We can help you with creating a graphical look and design of logo for your company


We work together with our customers, on location, to find the best set up to represent their listing. Evaluating daylight, property, ambiance and landscape.

Knowing the importance of a good first impression, we provide you with the tool to make this impression a lasting one. All images are carefully selected to enhance the final Tour’s exclusive feel and ambiance. Take advantage of this innovation, add visibility to your facilities/location. We design all information around our client needs/wants leaving a unique impression.

  • Sound is included in our Tours base on our client’s specification, this is to give each tour we produce the ambiance it deserves.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interfaces/GUI is custom made to enhance each individual needs.
  • Flash movie, interactive 3D object (360-Object), 3D models and images can also be included as pop-up media in order to give the viewer a more realistic felling never felt before.
  • Customized Company Image/logo is also added to give our client more personalized Virtual Tour.

Our services are custom designed for your own particular needs and we work closely with you to design a program and/or product that exceed expectations.
What is a good work if it cannot be viewed or used for the porpoise for which it is meant for, we give our clients advice on how they can use their Virtual Vour by recommending the appropriate system and other software that may be needed to view the tour.

All of our virtual tours custom designed or standard design, are created with one key feature: they auto resize to any screen size appropriately   If you are viewing on a huge 55″ screen ¿ g & +àOur Virtual Tour Featuresinheritopenopen839-revision-v1™

an iPhone, our virtual tours will self-adjust respectively to the screen size.

We use HTML5 and Flash media queries to trigger different layout sets at various screen sizes. No longer will you need to zoom and scroll around when browsing on your mobile phone.


Cross-browser Compatibility

Our 360 virtual tours support all major browsers. We took into account both flash and HTML-5 capable browsers to allow any tour to work seamlessly.

Flash and HTML5


The Virtual Tour Group Panorama Viewer is available as Flash and HTML5 viewer. Both viewers have and use the same interfaces for controlling the panos and the layout.

High Performance Rendering


We understand how important it for users to not wait on tours to finish downloading. That’s why we optimize all of our tours to provide highest level of performance.  This allows for users to even view full tours in 3G networks with ease.

Wide Range of Image Formats


Supported panoramic formats by the virtual tour group Flash/Html5 Panorama Viewer:

  • Cube and Cubestrip Images
  • Spherical Panos (360×180)
  • Cylindrical Panos
  • Partial Spherical, Partial Cylindrical Panos
  • Flat Images
  • Cubical QTVR files (.mov)
  • Zoomify Images
  • Object Movies
  • Panoramic Videos (Spherical, Cylindrical, Partials)

Professional Photography



Need photography done as well? We take high quality images not only for you to use on your general site, but we can create “information buttons” on your tour for close ups of areas you want to feature within your tour.

Audio/Recording capabilities



Navigational Maps create the strongest location awareness for your tour, and we can create custom maps for your specific areas. Have a multi-level or multi-site tour your wanting to show? – not a problem with our expertise. See our IBB Golf Course/Club map in our Portfolio examples to see just one of the ways we can accomplish this request

Navigational Maps


Supported panoramic formats by the virtual tour group Flash/Html5 Panorama Viewer:

  • Cube and Cubestrip Images
  • Spherical Panos (360×180)
  • Cylindrical Panos
  • Partial Spherical, Partial Cylindrical Panos
  • Flat Images
  • Cubical QTVR files (.mov)
  • Zoomify Images
  • Object Movies
  • Panoramic Videos (Spherical, Cylindrical, Partials)


Need hosting for your tour? We can place the tour on our server so there’s no risk of low bandwidth issues.



This is what makes a virtual tour truly interactive. As you click on these “hotspot buttons,” you are transported into the next area of the tour – allowing the user to feel as if they’re actually there. Link these to our Map feature option, and gain full locational awareness!

Custom Graphics


i360 Limited can create any custom graphical elements you need for your virtual tour. With a decade of graphic design experience, our graphic elements can create a highly professional tour that will make your business shine. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • navigational icons
  • map design(s)
  • informational icons
  • toolbar designs
  • hotspot icon designs
  • sound element icons
  • website image link into tour
  • close-up displays
  • loading bar display
  • floor location icon

Custom Toolbar


Want to house all of your navigational and toolbox elements into a neatly placed area? We can create a custom toolbar for what elements you’ve decided to have in your tour.

Our toolbar can include but is not limited to:

  • Zoom – in and out buttons
  • Pan – left, right, up, and down buttons
  • Show/Hide Map button
  • Return to beginning of tour button
  • Play/Pause Narration button

Full Screen Capability

Social Media

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