What is Virtual Tour?

” A Near Real Life, Interactive, 360 Digital Presentation/Marketing Tool. “

A VIRTUAL TOUR is Full 360 Degrees view of Space/Location, it is the Simulation of a real Space/location, the user feels he/she is in a room/location, and they can look upwards, to the floor below them and around. You can  also zoom in, so that you  have the ability to focus on the areas which are of interest. It provides your clients/prospects with a real sense of what your business/facilities looks like, what it provides and experience it without having to actually go there. It also illustrates the unique value and professionalism of your business/Location, while inviting customers to learn more and feel connected with you.

When viewing a 360 virtual tour, you can interact with the tour by using your computer’s mouse or touchpad to “look around” the location. This gives you a true sense of what it would be like to visit the location.

JUST LIKE BEING THERE Virtual Tour gives prospects a near real life opportunity to walk into your facility/space at the comfort of their homes, using their computer/mobile devices. Virtual Tour Puts You ahead of your competitors. It is an effective method for the presentation, and promotion of, facility/space like Schools, Hotels, Resorts, Real Estate, Tourist Destinations, Showrooms, Golf Course, Hospital, Theme Parks, e.t.c

Our tours are interactively controlled by Flash and HTML5, so no additional software or plug-ins are required to view a tour.

Virtual Tour, answers the question: “if I was there, how would I see my surrounding?”.  The classical photography can be sometimes misleading, in Virtual Tour, one can look around, it also gives more information about the reality.

Once Virtual Tour is done, it can be put on web and can be distributed by auto-run CD for computers. And also, non-interactive movie version of Virtual Tour can be delivered on DVD for DVD players.

The strength of i360 Virtual Tour lies in the interactivity. Unlike still photographs or video where the experience is passive, a 360o Virtual Tour places the viewer at the center of any chosen location and enables them to explore the scene in its entirety, in detail, and at their own pace.

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